Mainstream Movies With A Ton of Nudity

There are no shortage of porno movies in the world. However, it’s not the same thing watching pornstars have sex as it is viewing celebrities or regular people. That may explain why mainstream movies with a ton of nudity cause such an uproar. Hollywood has had its share of mainstream movies which have borderline on the pornographic side by just a few scenes.

One of the most beautiful and recognized actresses around the world is Angelina Jolie. However, Angelina did a movie called Gia. In the unrated version, you can see Miss Jolie nude and having wild and hot lesbian sex. If you want to see more of Angelina Jolie, you can also watch her in the movie Original Sin. She does several sex scenes with actor Antonio Banderas. Both movies have plenty of nudity scenes. In 1994, the movie Showgirls became close to being labeled porn. The movie has a ton of nudity and sex scenes.

For those that like actress Diane Lane, they can see her doing some graphic sex scenes in the movie Unfaithful. Diane has sex with both actor Richard Gere and Olivier Martinez. Another movie which is well recognized for its nudity and sex scenes is Basic Instinct. You can see actress Sharon Stone go at it with several different people, including Michael Douglas. Viewers may also want to see the movie titled Teeth which has a ton of nudity with the star Jess Weixler. Madonna fans can see the material girl in handcuffs, belts, masturbation and bondage sex in the film Body of Evidence. Wild Orchid is another film which contains several nudity scenes and hot sex.
Neeve Campbell and Denise Richards perform hot and titillating sex scenes in the film Wild Things. They also have a threesome in another part of the movie. The movie The Lover about an innocent schoolgirl – actress Jane March – has several explicit, realistic and frequent sex scenes.

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