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The Most Popular Leaked Celebrity Sex Pictures Ever

Nothing causes more buzz on the internet than a celebrity sex picture scandal. Celebrity nude images are very popular and in high demand. Any famous person who has a sex pic or nude photo of them leaked can become even more famous than they were before the sex pics. The reality is that celebrity nudes equate to fame, publicity and fortune for many celebs. They can also bring their sexually frustrated fan base a few moments of enjoyment. For many celebs who want to stay in the spotlight or remain famous, leaking nude sex pics of themselves seems to be the way to go.

Below, we have put together a list of the most popular leaked celebrity sex pictures ever. Some of these celebrity sex pictures or nude photos caused quite a storm when they were first released to the public. Others went on to become infamous after they were turned into animated porn GIFS.

Years ago, celebrities that wanted to pose nude or release sex pictures of themselves took to posing for magazines such as Playboy. Others simply did nude scenes in a movie. But things have changed for the celebs of today. Since almost anyone has a cell phone that can take pictures or record, the amount of celebrity sex pics online has increased. That’s because just like us, celebs take personal nude photos or sex pics of themselves with their Smartphone. They also may share those private nude photos with their friends or significant others. The problem for celebrities is that there are many out there trying to hack into their accounts. The hackers know that there is a ton of money to be made from any celebrity sex pics leaked on the web.

Three Types of Celebrity Sex Pictures
There are 3 types of celebrity sex pics or porn GIFS images. The first type come from the nude or sexy scenes celebrities may have done in a movie. They can also come from photo shoots, TV or any other type of media platform.
The second derive from the private photos of celebs from their own accounts. These are hacked by some and then released to the rest of the world. They are also leaked by ex boyfriends, revenge, money or even the celebrities themselves.

The third come from the paparazzi who are constantly trying to catch celebrities with their pants down. Some of these photos in the 3rd type also come from social media bloopers made by celebrities who accidentally tweet, post, snap or share their personal photos with the wrong people. Or when they have wardrobe malfunctions which lead to crotch flashes, nip slips and so on.

A hacker once got to the private accounts of Christina Aguilera, Scarlett Johansson and Renee Olstead. He was able to obtain nude photos and sex pics of all three celebs. Soon, those sex pics were all over the internet and began swirling around even more once they were turned into porn GIFS images. In 2014, hackers struck again and did a massive iCloud hack on Apple. That resulted in the hackers obtaining stolen sex pics of more than 100 celebrities. The sex pics began to be shared on sites such as Reddit. By the time they stopped sharing the sex pics because of legal issues, it was too late. Hundreds of porn GIFS images of many celebrities were already created. Before long, these animated porn GIF images went viral on the web. Stars such as Kate Uptown, Kelly Brook, Jennifer Lawrence, Victoria Justice, Kaley Cuoco, Kirsten Dunst and Emily Ratajkowski all had their sex pics leaked online. You can find hundreds of different porn GIFS versions that derived from the hacked celebrity sex pics. The iCloud celebrity sex pic hacking incident is considered one of the biggest celebrity scandals in history.

Hackers never give up since hacking is their primary form of earning. For other hackers, obtaining notoriety is also a factor which keeps them constantly trying to get celebrity sex pics leaked via private account hacks. Not too long ago, both Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried had their private sex pics and nude photos leaked online. In an instant, the sex pics became porn GIFS which found themselves in hundreds of websites and social media sites. Other celebrities who are not as famous as some of the names mentioned earlier, also had their private nude photos or sex pics leaked. They include Alyssa Arce, Demi Lovato, Rose McGowan, April Love Geary, Jillian Murray and Kristanna Loken, among others.

This year, hackers also got to the private sex pics and nude photos of celebrities such as Rosario Dawson, Kate Hudson, Miley Cyrus, Audrina Patridge and Dianna Agron. Fans were elated once the sex pics were turned into animated GIFS of porn by other users and then shared online. Two other celebs that also had their sex pics released were Sophie Turner and Alison Brie. The wave of leaked celebrity sex pics and porn GIFS will continue because there is a ton of fame, money and attention to be gained by them. If you love sex pics and porn GIF images of celebrities, stay tuned.
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